Leadership Evaluation Form

Leadership evaluation form outlines certain aspects which help in evaluating the leadership competency of any individual. Such kind of document is generally presented by organizations to understand the leadership traits of those individual’s associated with it and quantify the result for analyzing whether it would help the organization to meet their future goal or not.

Sample Leadership Evaluation Form

Name of the participant _________________________

Age: ___________________

Name of organization who is evaluating the participant _____________________

Reason behind the evaluation ___________________

Date of conducting the evaluation _________________________

Please provide correct inputs for all the questions for carrying out an effective leadership evaluation:

1. What is your attitude in tough situations?

a. I always face it with courage in order to explore the best part of it.

b. I generally avoid tough situations.

c. Depends.

2. Do you agree that your plans and ideas are accepted by all?

a. Yes, very much. They are not only accepted but implemented in practice as well.

b. Depends on the kind of plans and ideas.

c. Not at all.

3. Give an instance of your leadership quality where you have effectively handled a challenge and that has in turn benefitted the organization with which you are associated with.


4. What is “leadership” according to you?


5. Do you think that your leadership traits are recognized by the higher authority of your organization?

a. Certainly. They do appreciate my leadership traits.

b. May be. I don’t know.

c. Never received any note of appreciation; so, can’t say.

Signature of the participant ________________________

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