Lawyer Self Evaluation

Lawyer self-evaluation refers to the process by which a lawyer evaluates his own work and submits it to the firm he works for so that it helps with the appraisal process. By making an assessment of his own work, the lawyer compiles his achievements and success regarding any case and how he had worked to win those cases. Self-evaluation also gives him a chance to find out his weaknesses and why he has lost any case or how he could represent a client better in court. Since every case is different, a lawyer can also evaluate his skills and how it helps him perform better.

Sample Lawyer Self Evaluation:

Name of lawyer: Don Cain

Name of law firm: Abel and Andrews Law Firm

Review period: 2011-2012

Duties and achievements:

  • My main duties as a lawyer is to fight corporate cases and represent my client in court
  • I billed 2,000 hours this year which is 300 more than what the firm has set for lawyers


  • I have used my strong work ethics, good communication skills, hard work, dedication, perseverance, excellent research skills, ability to work under pressure, confidence and adaptability in working on cases during the past year


  • I won 9 out of the 10 cases I worked on last year and out of that 1 was an out-of-court settlement.
  • I represented the client in the Sanders vs Rogers case and I won on behalf of the firm


  • I would like to be partner in another year and will work extremely hard to reach that goal

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