Law Firm Employee Evaluation

A law firm employee evaluation is an exercise which attempts at deriving a law firm employee’s opinions of his job, his firm, and his professional career. This kind of an evaluation is very useful and critical, as only someone working in a firm is equipped to answer questions related to his or her company. The answers of the law firm employee evaluation must be carefully documented so that improvements can be ushered in based on valid opinions and suggestions.

Sample Law Firm Evaluation:

Name: Peter Neusky

Designation: Public Prosecutor

The following questions are directed to enable you to voice your opinions regarding your law firm, and your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your career. Please answer the questions carefully.

1. Would you consider that your law firm believes in the principles of truth, justice and equality?

(a) Yes, my law firm upholds these principles and ensures that justice is provided to all who seek for it.

(b) No, my law firm is not particularly concerned about these values.

2. Does your firm cater to a certain section of society? Or does it cater to all classes of people?

(a) Yes, my firm caters to all sections of society, with the provision of free legal help for those who are financially weak.

(b) No, my firm caters to a certain section of society.

3. How would you rate the following aspects of your job in the law firm?

(a) Professional success: _________________________

(b) Opportunity to serve the community: ____________________

(c) Chance to learn hands on in different types of cases: _____________________

4. Are you satisfied with your job in the law firm?

(a) Yes, I am satisfied

(b) No, I am not satisfied

5. Please mention the specific problems that you want to improve: __________________________

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