Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is the process implemented by various companies when they decided to create a new position in their organization. This kind of evaluation helps them to analyze the prospect and acceptance of new job in the market. Even evaluation can be done among the employees of a particular organization for better understanding of the reaction of the employees on creation of new job position or whether the compensation for a particular position is satisfactory or not in respect to another company in the market.

There are different types of job evaluation methods, which include:

Ranking Method: The implementation of this method is mainly done in small organizations. This evaluation method is being utilized to put job positions in order of value to the organizations.

Point Methods: Most common kind of job evaluation method that is being used for determining the compensation factors related to a particular job.

Factor Compensation Method: This method is the combination of both the above-mentioned methods where compensation factors are determined according to the rank of the job position.

As the job evaluation method varies from each other, the writing approach of the following also depends on the kind of evaluation method that is being implemented. The job evaluation should be so constructed that it must provide a logical framework in order to help making steady decisions on pay and respective job grades. It should be structured professionally yet graciously to find out the best reviews.

It is to be kept in mind that a proper organized evaluation documents helps to obtain more acceptable reviews than any ad hoc approaches. This particular kind of evaluation document must depict the concise factors like responsibility, knowledge, skills, working environment and most importantly the requirements of a particular job. Even these factors help an evaluator to determine the job areas where improvement is required.

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