Job Skills Evaluation

Job skills evaluation is an assessment of a candidate’s skills to determine his/her eligibility for a particular job. Every company conducts such an evaluation for each applicant before recruiting them. The criterion which must be checked through this evaluation includes communication skills, computer competencies, problem solving skills etc. Thus, such an appraisal has to be created with utmost efficiency so that the best traits of an individual could be identified rightly.

Sample Job Skills Evaluation

Job Skills Evaluation Form

Sun Infotech Private Limited

Please fill in the following details about yourself ( * marked are mandatory)

*Name- John Smith

*Age-24 years

*Mobile no.-9000088888

*Correspondence address-147 royal drive, Slagsvilla, Lancashire, ls11 2bf, United Kingdom

Email id

*Date of appearing in evaluation- 22nd may, 2012

Please answer all the questions given below so that your competencies could be rightly determined:

1. Do you possess good communication skills (both oral and written)?

• Yes, I have a strong communication skill (both oral and written).

• May be, I am not sure.

• No, I can’t speak fluently and writing skills require improvement.

2. Do you possess basic computer competencies?

• Definitely, I have sufficient knowledge on basic computing.

• No, I don’t have any knowledge of basic computing.

3. Do you have the ability to work in a group effectively?

• Of course, I possess the skill to work as a team and have strong managerial skills as well.

• Can’t say, never worked in a group before.

4. Do you have the competency to solve complex problems promptly or manage difficult situations?

• Certainly, I have strong ability of problem solving and management skills.

• Not sure about this.

5. Regardless of the industry, on a scale of 10 rate your competency in managing available resources.

• 0-4

• 5-8

• 8-10

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