Job Performance Evaluation

A job performance evaluation is an exercise which analyses the performance of an individual at his job by his superiors. A job performance evaluation must be well written and if it is in the form of a questionnaire, the questions asked must be such that they are direct, relevant to the evaluation and encourage honest and to the point answers from the analyzer. A job performance evaluation report must be preserved for future reference as well.

Sample Job Performance Evaluation:

Job performance evaluation conducted by: Softronics Pvt. Ltd.

Date of conduction of job performance evaluation: 12th January 2011

The supervisor of the concerned employee must answer the following questions carefully.

1. Has the employee utilized his potential to the maximum, and delivered on the promises made by him during recruitment?

(a) Yes, he has satisfied us with his job performance

(b) It is too early to make a judgment

(c) No, he has failed to deliver the goods

2. On a scale of ten how would you, as the employee’s immediate supervisor, rate his job performance?

(a) 0-4

(b) 5-7

(c) 8-10

3. Which areas according to you must be improved by the employee for him to succeed even more?

(a) Completing projects by the specified deadlines

(b) Ensuring that quality of the project is of a superior standard.

(c) Cooperation and harmony with team members, developing notions of team work.

(d) All of the above

4. Has the employee made full use of his educational and professional training in his job performance?

(a) Yes, the employee has met the norms of our company and excelled in most spheres

(b) No, the employee has failed to capitalize on the academic and vocational training he has been given

5. Any other comments: ____________________________________________

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