Job Interview Evaluation Form

Job interview evaluation form is a paperwork which precisely evaluates the effectiveness and the kind of interview process performed for a particular job position. This kind of a document effectively helps in the process of recruitment by selecting the right competence through a significantly improved interview procedure.

Sample Job Interview Evaluation Form

Candidate’s name _______________________

Name of the evaluator _________________

Job title __________________

Interview on _________________

To be filled up by the employer:

1. Are you satisfied by the responses you have received from the candidate during the interview process?

a. Yes definitely.

b. May be. I have to think over it.

c. Not much.

2. For making the interview process even more effective for finding out the right competence, the improvements required are: (In the order of priority) _________________________________________

3. What are the challenges you faced while conducting this interview?


4. Do you have to face any unpleasant situation while conducting this interview? Please mention it with details.


To be filled by the candidate:

1. How was the overall interview process, according to you?


2. Do you receive adequate time for presenting your relevant documents?

a. Yes, my interviewers where highly cooperative.

b. May be. I am not sure as this is my first interview.

c. No, not much.

3. How would you rate the difficulty level of the interview on a scale of 10?

a. 0-5

b. 5-8

c. 8-10

4. Do you think that the interview process requires certain changes? If “yes” then mention what changes you anticipate for such interviews?


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