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A job evaluation template is a document which outlines the methods of evaluating a particular job position, that is, of conveying the essence of a position and the changes that need to be ushered in to improve it.  A job evaluation template must be direct and precise and it should address all areas of concern in a simple and effective manner.

Sample Job Evaluation Template

Nature of job: ________________________________________ [Mention the nature of the job, or the specific designation in a company which is being evaluated in this job evaluation]

Date of submission of job evaluation report: _____________________________ [Provide the relevant date]

Job evaluation report compiled by: ________________________ [Enlist the names of those in charge of collating the information gathered in the job evaluation]

This job evaluation is in the form of a questionnaire which will be filled in by various people connected with the job. Their opinions will form the basis on which we will start work to make the necessary changes. Some of the questions are provided here:

What are the factors that will most affect your valuation of this job position and why?

  • Salary
  • Working hours
  • Responsibilities
  • All of the above [Mention the importance of the factors which can affect a job evaluation]

What according to you are the most important responsibilities of this job? _________________________________________________________________________ [Enlist the duties the job entails]

Do you think this position equips you with a skill that gives you an edge over your counterparts in other organizations? ______________________________________________________ [Mention the manner in which the job is advantageous as it provides certain distinguishing skills?]

Do you think this job role plays a pivotal role in the overall development of the organization? _____________________________________________________________________________ [Provide the relevant information]

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