Job Evaluation Report

Job evaluation is an important tool used by companies to find out the value of jobs within an organization by examining the different types of duties and functions associated with the job or the qualifications necessary for doing the job. A job evaluation report is written after considering all these factors which show the purpose of the job, why it is important and in what way it contributes towards the organization. Before writing the report, a questionnaire is prepared which addresses all these issues and asks questions to the employees to find out more about their work. All the information is the compiled and a final report is created.

Sample Job Evaluation Report:

Name of employee: Jamie Baron

Department: Marketing Department

Designation: Senior marketing executive

Company: Holly Enterprises

Evaluation report prepared by: Ralph Jones

Designation: HR, Holly Enterprises

The job evaluation report was created after responses where collected on the following parameters:

Function of the job:

  • The basic function of the job is to create an effective marketing strategy so that the products and services of the organization are in demand in the market and the company stays ahead of competitors

Job duties:

  • To interact with the client and find out what he wants and then create a marketing plan to publicize the product among the customers
  • Collecting marketing data based on the consumers likes, preferences, spending ability, age, area etc.


  • To get more customers and keep their attention on our products

Job skills:

  • The most important skills required for this job is to have good communication skills and be good with numbers


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