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Job evaluation is an important task that has to be conducted by every organization for understanding the worth of a certain job position and it is an indispensable practice like any other annual necessity of the organization. Though such an assessment can be time consuming or daunting task but outcome is always enriching, if job evaluation questions are effective and specific to the purpose to be evaluated. However, job evaluation questions might vary according to the needs of the organization but some of the factors have to be maintained regardless of its kind. They are as enlisted:

  • Questions based on objective: Prior framing the job evaluation questions, one should have a clear idea about the objective behind it. This would help in drafting focussed and specific questions. Moreover, it also creates an opportunity to find the status of attaining the organization’s goals through a particular job position.
  • Questions based on necessity: It is highly important to understand the requirement of each and every employee so that high productivity could be delivered. Therefore, irrespective of the objective of job evaluation, such questions have to be framed which would reveal the necessity of the employee.
  • Questions based on priority: All the parameters that are decided to be reviewed should be realized by the evaluator essentially. This would help him to construct inquisitions relevant to the factors and organize it according to its priority. This is important as it also allow the evaluatee to understand the importance of every question accordingly.
  • Questions based on relevancy: Relevancy and specificity are two indispensable parameters that every question of a job evaluation must reflect. This is required so as to impart a holistic look to the appraisal document and it could be strongly beneficial as well.

Apart from this, one must ensure to maintain professionalism and keep the language of the job evaluation questions simple.

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