Job Evaluation Letter

Job evaluation letter means the evaluation of a job submitted in the form of a letter. Different organisations have different ways of conducting evaluation of their jobs and the letter is a brief way of giving the basic details of the job evaluation by highlighting points like the purpose of the job, job description, duties and responsibilities, skills, experience and knowledge required for the job. Based on the findings, the organisation can make decisions on recruitment, retention and compensation of employees.

Sample Job Evaluation Letter:


Jonathan Andrews,

Manager, St Mercy Hospital,


April 10, 2012

Subject: Evaluation of head nurses’ job in the organisation

Dear Mr Andrews,

We have conducted an evaluation of the job description of the head nurses working in our organisation and have come to the final conclusions:

The primary purpose of the job is to have a supervisory role where the head nurse will organise all activities of the nurses, assign them duties and be a leader. The job duties involve making rounds of patients with the doctor, provide training to junior nurses, ensure that all the safety codes are followed, check availability of medical supplies, provide assurance to patients and to explain how to take care of themselves after they have been released from the hospital.

The skills required by someone at this post are good communication, leadership and organisational skills and a sense of empathy. They must possess a degree in nursing and at least 7-8 years work experience.

Hope this evaluation is helpful to you.

Yours truly,

James Sweet

Head, HR


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