Job Evaluation Form

Job evaluation form is a document which outlines the various aspects associated with the essence or performance of a job position. Such a document is prepared in a way so that it could effectively eliminate the loopholes and help in improving the deliverables of the concern job position.

Sample Job Evaluation Form

Employee’s name _____________

Designation in the company _________________

Company’s name _______________________

Date of participating in the job evaluation process __________________________

Kindly note your valuable response is essential for carrying out an effective job evaluation process; therefore, answer all the questions carefully.

1. Do you think that your experience and knowledge is properly being utilized by the job position?

a. Certainly, it does explore all my knowledge and experience.

b. May be, I am not sure.

c. I don’t find it in sync anyway.

2. Are you satisfied by the human resources polices of your company?

a. Yes, I am highly satisfied. They are beneficial for all the employees

b. I don’t find it much reasonable.

c. No, not much.

3. Have you received adequate training facilities to meet the requirements of particular job position at which you are designated?

a. Definitely, the training facilities made me competent to face any challenges that are being offered.

b. Not every time.

c. Training was not at all adequate for meeting the job responsibilities

4. Do you receive adequate job directions from your seniors? Justify your answer


5. How much will you rate your overall job satisfaction on a scale of 10?

a. 0-5

b. 5-8

c. 8-10

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