Job Evaluation Example

Job evaluation example refers to a sample of evaluation of a particular type of job in an organization. By using this tool, companies can examine the different types of jobs in order to determine the value of the job. Job evaluation does not mean the analysis of the employee’s performance in a specific post but the functions and duties required of that particular designation or job. By making an evaluation of the job, companies are able to make effective decisions on various factors like recruitment of employees, their retention and compensation to be paid for a job in the organization. The responses of people working there must be taken into account during job evaluation.

Sample Job Evaluation Example:

Name of employee: Richard Greene

Department: Sales

Designation: Sales manager

Name of organization: Bright Electronics

Evaluation done by: Davy Jones

Designation: Head, Human Resources

The above-mentioned job has been evaluated on the basis of the following parameters and the results are summarized as follows:

Purpose of job:

  • To set sales targets and organize the team to motivate them to reach the target

Job duties:

  • Lead the sales team and allot targets to them
  • Be a connection between different sales teams and encourage them to reach their goals
  • Communicate with clients to bring in new clients and establish a connection with the existing ones


  • Make quick decisions and solve problems related to the job
  • Plan and organize different work and set deadlines


  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in business management with specialization in sales


At least six years of direct experience in this field



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