Job Analysis Evaluation

Before hiring, companies must first create positions and designations that will be beneficial for both the commercial set up as well the candidates applying for the job. The job analysis evaluation is a technique through which such positions are created. It is actually an effective way through which companies are able to asses the prospects of the company and the positive response of this job in the employment market. This analysis can be done amongst the employees so as to create the job position required.

This can also be done in place of or for compensation of a position that has not been satisfactory within the organization. There are various methods of evaluation opted for which may include the ranking method. This is done only for small scale companies for job positions that are valuable to the company. There are other methods which may be implemented as required.

Sample Job Analysis Evaluation

Name of Candidate: Henry James

Name of Company: RYINCH Corporate Ltd

Company Position Applied for: HR Manager

Date: 3.4.2011

Job Position Description:

The following designation has been created for:

  1. Coordinating various department employees and keeping tabs on the working hours.
  2. Analyzing marketing data that deals with the consumer markets.
  3. Proper channeling of important Accounts and other related documents to the required management levels.

Qualifications Required from Candidate:

  1. Must have a graduation and post graduation degree in any field but preferably in Business Management.
  2. Must have at least 4 years of experience to the related position.
  3. Must be flexible in terms of working hours.
  4. Must be proficient in English.
  5. Must be able handle different computer software including the basic managerial and financial tools.

Meeting Job Requirements:

  • The position ensures systematic handling of different HR resources beneficial for the company.
  • The above mentioned candidate seems suitable for this position.

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