IT Employee Evaluation

IT employee evaluation is the procedure of evaluating and assessing the performance and work of IT professionals in a company. IT professionals have a vital role to play as they handle all computerized information of a firm, and hence keeping a track of their work performance is extremely important. It must be conducted accurately and the form and questionnaire must be filled up properly.

Sample IT Employee Evaluation:

Name of the company: Tulec Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

Name of the employee: Mr. Alexander Martinez

Job Position: IT employee.

To be filled by the employer: please encircle your option.





1. How would you rate the employee’s work skill?                           1  2  3  4

2. The employee’s ability to handle IT problems is                           1  2  3  4

3. General conduct of the employee is                                                1  2  3  4

4. Employee’s ability to fulfill target work is                                     1  2  3  4

5. Overall performance of the employee is                                         1  2  3  4

Tick the following:

  1. Does the employee add any extra benefit to your company?
  • Yes he does.
  • Maybe
  • No he does not.
  1. Does the employee master his field of work?
    • Absolutely.
    • Not all of it.
    • Not at all.
  2. In which areas is the employee lagging behind?
    • In areas of software management.
    • In areas of hardware management.
    • In areas of program management
    • None of these.
  3. Do you see any scope of further development in your employee?
    • Definitely.
    • Not sure.
    • Not at all.


(Signature of employer)

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