Interview Evaluation Form

An interview evaluation form is presented to a prospective employee at any stage of his interview and recruitment process. It is a document which assesses his or her suitability for the particular post applied for. It must be comprehensive yet to the point so that it is easily understandable. The questions must be relevant and the format of the form should encourage open and honest answers. The completed evaluation form can be sued to select certain candidates who shall then move on to the next step of the interview process.

Sample Interview Evaluation Form

Name of candidate: _________________________

Date of birth: _______________________________

Position applied for: __________________________

Please answer the following questions clearly and truthfully.

1. What made you choose to apply for a job with us? On what basis have you formed an opinion regarding our company and the services we offer? __________________________________________________________________________________________

2. Please detail your work experience prior to this in the space below. Please be precise and to the point: ________________________________________________________________________________________

4. What are long term plans for your career? ________________________________________________________________________________________

5. How do you see yourself contributing to both your personal growth as well as the growth of our company? _______________________________________________________________________________________

6. What are your expectations from this job position? How do you think you will contribute to it? _______________________________________________________________________________________

7. Why should we select you? What are the unique qualities that you will be bringing to this job? _______________________________________________________________________________________

8. Any final comments? :___________________________________________________

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