Internship Evaluation Form

An internship evaluation form is a layout that contains an extensive enquiry section to know and assess the success of a certain internship course, by acquiring the feedback from recipients of the particular course. It is important to frame such documents with relevant questions such that the responses can be helpful for the company or organization to gauge further scope of improvements in terms of intern satisfaction.

Sample Internship Evaluation Form:

Name of the intern: _____________________________________________________________

Age: _________ years

Sex: ___________ [M/ F]

Topic for Internship course: _______________________________________________________

Brief idea of the internship:



Name of company/ agency/ firm conducting internship:


Name of individual supervising the internship:


Evaluation conducted by: _________________________________________________________

Date of submission: _______________________

Kindly tick the most appropriate option, according to your choice, and help us in performing the evaluation:

1. Does the internship course actually comply with the advertisements given?

  • Definitely.
  • Partially.
  • Not at all.

2. Are you comfortable with the quality of information and instructions you are receiving through this internship?

  • Yes, it is excellent.
  • I am fine with anything they give.
  • No, I find it to be of very poor standard.

3. Can you follow the directions given in the internship?

  • Yes, they are very much clear and provide complete ideas.
  • I am not much concerned as it is kind of o.k.
  • No, I find the lessons very vague and incomplete.

4. Is the internship course interactive?

  • Yes, I can clear all my queries and doubts without hesitating to do so.
  • We do have occasional sessions for interaction.
  • No, the tutors are highly professional and they hardly care for our individual questions.

5. Are you gaining from this internship?

  • Definitely. I have even thought of implementing the ideas in near future.
  • Yes, some of them are interesting.
  • No, I wish I had never ended up here.

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