International Business Evaluation

International business evaluation refers to the procedure by means of which the assessment of the international business scenario is conducted. It analyses the state of the transactions taking place between two or more regions beyond the geographical boundaries of the place. The exchanges are rated and evaluated to understand the level of economic and political profits achieved by the company.

Sample International Business Evaluation

Name of the company: Brisk Tea Company

Contact details: 46, Lindsay Hall Street

Bristol, UK-576729

Phone number: 4592749                                   Date of evaluation: 6th November, 2011

Purpose of the evaluation: To increase sales and profits, reduce threats and maximize utilization of capital.

Business license number: 2745B

Please select the correct answer from the questions to evaluate the present international tea business:

1. Are the governmental policies governing the international deals adequate?

  1. Adequate
  2. Average
  3. Inadequate

2. How often complaints are received regarding the quality of the tea exported?

a. Rarely

b. Occasionally

c. Not at all

3. What type of a relation exists among the cross country business associates?

a. Democratic, understanding and cooperative

b. Strict professional and rule oriented

4. Has any international business contract terminated in the last few decades?

a. Yes

b. No

5. What steps are necessary for the improvement of the services and agreements related to the export of tea?_____________________________________________________________________

6. How many different flavors of the tea exported can be produced to bring variety and increase the sale in the foreign market subsequently? _____________________________________________________________________

7. Which other countries does the company need to bring under the province of its business? _____________________________________________________________________

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