Instructor Evaluation Form

Instructor evaluation form is an efficient tool for evaluating the abilities and knowledge of an instructor of a particular course, program or any other concerned matter. Such a document helps in gauging the traits and methodologies adapted for instructing and help to know the areas where an instructor needs improvement.

Sample Instructor Evaluation Form

Evaluation conducted by __________________

Instructor’s name ___________________

Name of the instruction session that is being observed _____________________

Duration of each instruction session ____________

Date of conducting the evaluation_________________

Give your ratings accordingly:

1= strongly agreed 2=Agreed 3= May be don’t know 4= Disagreed 5= highly disagreed NA= Not applicable

Evaluated aspects Ratings

Instruction session presentations are appreciable. ________________

Provide interactive sessions where learners get opportunity to clear doubts and ask

questions. ________________

Highly motivating and enthusiastic while providing instruction _________________

Efficient in instructing any matter even if ample resources or materials are not available for it


Provide learners with ample opportunity to implement their knowledge and skills gaining from the instruction sessions _________________

Instructions and explanations are quite clear and expressive _________________

The instructor has the potential and approach of solving problems related to any

assignments _________________

While instructing the instructor make direct eye to eye contact with the learners, speak clearly and confident about the subject of instructions. _________________

Instructor reports immediately to the concern authority incase of any urgent need required for continuing the instruction sessions smoothly. ________________

Instructor plays an important role in assisting and dealing with every kind of learner. ______

Would like to undergo another instruction session under the same instructor __________

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