Instructional Technology Evaluation

The instructional technology evaluation is used to measure the efficiency of the technology instructional session conducted by a company for enlightening the employee technicians about its various operations. The evaluation concentrates on the effectiveness of the instruction given during the technology training. It is important that the evaluation is constructed in a simple format. This is necessary for assessing the usefulness on instructional training and the required improvements that can be done to make it better. The instructional technology evaluation must be clear in its evaluative approach.

Sample Instructional Technology Evaluation

Name of Company: BRUTE Enterprise Ltd.

Evaluation conducted by: SAM Analytics Co.

Date: 3.5.2012

Respondents: Technical Staff of BRUTE Enterprise Ltd.

Objective: To assess whether the trainees are clear on the instructions given about the operational techniques required for the newly introduced Z technology.

Please respond to the following questions:

1. Were the instructors able to explain the basics about Z technology?

a. Sufficiently

b. Clear on some parts

c. Barely

2. Have you understood the significance of the Z technology for increasing production effectiveness?

a. Thoroughly

b. Somewhat

c. Very vague unclear idea

3. Were the instructors able to clear all doubts/ questions you had regarding this technology?

a. All doubts cleared

b. Did not have doubts

c. Doubts remain

4. Were the techniques of instruction used innovative and efficient?

a. Very innovative and useful

b. Innovative but not useful

c. Traditional and useful

5. Will you be able to operate Z technology after this instructional training?

a. Confidently

b. Hopefully

c. Not sure

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