Induction Evaluation Form

An induction evaluation form is used to orient a newly recruited employee to the job with the help of text brochures and conversations. It is very important for employees to get familiarised with the new work environment and job. Thus it must be planned and executed in a manner such that it validly evaluates the induction process.

Sample Induction Evaluation Form

Name of the employee: _____________________________

Job post: _________________________________________

Department: ______________________________________

Date of joining: ___________________________________

Location of the workplace: __________________________

Person who conducted the induction evaluation: __________

Date of evaluation: __________________________________

Please fill in the blanks and submit it to the department head in order to help us gather detailed information about the induction you were subjected to:

1. How many sessions of induction have taken place since the time you have joined?

a. More than three

b. Less than three

c. Not even once

2. How open and approachable was your facilitator while explaining the job requirements?

a. He was very frank and friendly

b. He was extremely strict and reserved

c. He was a combination of (a) and (b)

3. Was any other medium used for explanation apart from vocal lectures? If yes, then what were those? _______________________________________________

4. Were you given a tour of the whole workplace to make you well-versed with the important zones like fire exits, canteen and first-aid room?

a. Yes

b. No

5. Prior to commencement of work, what kind of introduction was given about the people working in the same department?

a. General introduction (for all)

b. Specific introduction (for each)

c. No introduction

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