Independent Medical Evaluation

An independent medical evaluation is an examination by a doctor into a patient’s care only after being assigned to it by a third party. In other words, the doctor and the patient do not share a typical relationship, and the doctor is chosen ensuring that he has not been involved in the patient’s care before and thus can give an objective and impartial account of the treatment so far afforded to him. Such a procedure is often adopted by insurance agencies before they compensate for injury claims.

Sample Independent Medical Evaluation:

Independent Medical Examination

Simon and Sons Insurance Agency

12 Redwood Street, London

Name of Independent Medical Officer: Dr. Jason Bourne, M.D., Cardio.

Please fill in the following questions carefully.

1. Have you found any discrepancies in the patient’s claim of industrial injury?

  • Yes, I have found discrepancies in the patient’s injury claims on being compared with the examination I subjected him to.
  • No, there is no disjunction between the patient’s claims and the medical examination.

2. Do you have any prior connection with the patient and this case?

  • No, I have not had any prior connection with the patient or this case before being summoned as an Independent Medical Officer.
  • Yes, I have treated the patient before.

3. Would you be willing to let your medical examination report stand as evidence in a court of law if there are discrepancies?

  • Yes, I would be willing to testify against the patient in a court of law if the need arises
  • No, I would not be willing to testify

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