Important Factors of Consideration for Evaluation Questions

Evaluation is an extremely important process for the smooth running of any organization or company. It is a step forward on the path to identifying mistakes and rectifying them. Evaluation is usually done in the form of questions. However these questions are neither random nor vague, they are based on certain factors which are specific to the kind of evaluation being carried out. These are the important factors of consideration for evaluation questions. Some of them are as follows:

  • In a student performance evaluation the important factors for consideration are his overall academic performance, his personal conduct and his attitude.
  • In the evaluation of a business, many factors gain importance like cash flow, new investments, performance and governance of the top brass and solvency.
  • In case of business evaluations, factors like current market scenario and the status of inflation, recession and other global phenomena play an important role in determining the scope of the business. Hence evaluations must take cognizance of these factors as well.
  • In general, evaluation questions must focus on factors which have a direct bearing on the subject of study. They must be precise, concise and relevant.
  • The factors considered during evaluation questions must be reasoned as well. Their role must be clearly explained and their selection must not be random.
  • The factors of consideration must be precisely stated and considerable space must be devoted to each factor in order to present a cogent and comprehensive evaluation.

Thus we see that the important factors considered for evaluation questions form an important role in the entire exercise and must be given the necessary attention.

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