Importance of Self Evaluation in Nursing

Evaluation is an essential aspect of the nursing process. As a student or a practitioner, you should be aware of the importance of self evaluation in nursing. Self-evaluation of individuals, allows them to assess whether they have acquired the necessary professional skills. When the students provide their self- assessment to their teachers, they should ensure that it is accurate and includes both positive as well as negative feedback. An honest and sincere self-evaluation plays a key role in acquiring good nursing skills.

The purpose of nursing self-evaluation is to compare the differences between students’ self-assessment and teachers’ assessments, with respect to training and the effect of both positive and negative feedbacks. However, a feedback which is very negative can prove to be a difficult task for teachers.

Self-assessment helps the aspiring nurses to better understand the nursing process and the best ways to take care of the patients. This method focuses on the goals of the patient care and analyzes how those goals were accomplished.

This process enables the nurses in the hospital or any health-care organization to reflect on their own competencies and practice. This review requires the nursing students to take a careful look in their practice, their approach towards the patient, their family, their attitude, the communication skills and other clinical practices.

Practicing nurses should be aware of what is included in a nursing evaluation, before taking a self-assessment. Notes should be made on the nursing process which is being followed. Evaluation of the physician and other nurses can also be included, which helps to know the strengths and weaknesses better. The assessment should also include how the goals regarding patient’s care were met successfully.

With a self-assessment, the nurses will come to know if they lack any professional skills or need to develop better communication skills. This helps them to improve their skills and leads to a healthy development of patient-nurse bond.

As part of self-evaluation in nursing, a research known as Empathic Understanding Scale (ECS) was conducted in order to measure empathy. It is highly essential for a nurse to establish a good rapport with the patient in a nursing clinical situation.

The reason for developing the research of self evaluation was because, there were difficulties involved for a third person in evaluating the understanding of nurses in the clinical nursing situation. Hence the Empathic Understanding Scale research is considered very essential in developing self-evaluation, which can help the nurses to understand and measure their own performance towards the patients in a clinical situation.

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