HR Evaluation Form

An organization recognizes their human resources as a source of competitive advantage. Therefore, HR evaluation form is a layout which outlines those aspects that can effectively help the organization to understand the competency and performance of their workforce constantly.

Sample HR Evaluation Form

Name of the company ____________________________

Purpose of the evaluation _________________

Date of issuing the evaluation form ________________

Please mark all the answer carefully for carrying out an effective evaluation. This evaluation is to be filled up by the management of the organization.

1. How will you rate the overall performance of your company’s HR _____________________

2. How many times in a year this kind of evaluation is being conducted for assessing the performances of HR.

a. More than once a year

b. Once in a year

c. First time

3. Do you think that the entire human resources of your organization are capable of handling challenges or periods like recession in world’s economy?

a. Yes very much, infact our company recovered the previous recession period successfully and the human resources played an effective role.

b. May be, don’t know. Though, it seems that human resources are compatible of handling challenges or tough situations.

c. No, not at all. Human resources are not that compatible.

4. Do you think the company regulates suitable and effective policies for human resources?

a. Certainly. Huge employee benefits and compensations are being provided to the entire human resources.

b. Depends

c. Improvement is required in policies so as to improve the performance of company’s human resources.

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