How to Prepare for a Job Evaluation

Job evaluations are considered highly essential by most of the reputed organizations. Annual job evaluations provide necessary information, which is important to the organization. Sometimes the evaluations may appear to be time-consuming, but the outcome can prove to be very useful for the employee, his/her manager or supervisor as well as the company. So it is better to know how to prepare for a job evaluation.

Job evaluations differ according to the requirements of the organization, but with the help of some simple tips, you can be prepare yourself.

  • You can research on what criterion the evaluation will be based on, depending on the type of your job. Generally the employers will consider the quality of your work, your performance, attitude, your behavior, productivity, and level of client satisfaction.
  • You should make a habit of documenting the assignments given to you and note their time of completion. If there was a positive impact on the company as a result of your effort, you should record this information and regularly update such type of work.
  • Prepare an honest, critical assessment of yourself based on specific criteria. Try to provide a reference for the facts to support your statements such as positive response from satisfied customers, numbers that show your high productivity, interaction with clients, etc.
  • Recollect your previous work related issues, which you need to discuss with your manager such as job satisfaction, trouble with new software, etc and make a note of it. You can ask for assistance during the job evaluation process.
  • When you are documenting, review how you were able to meet the expectations. Support your statements using measurable criteria and factual examples wherever applicable.
  • You should determine what your strong areas are and in which areas you need assistance and what skills you need to develop or improve.
  • List out the things which helped you in performing your job better such as undertaking any courses, workshops, or independent study.
  • If you have any realistic goals or projects on your mind which you think should be implemented, make a note of it so that you can discuss it with your manager during the job evaluation meeting.
  • If you work as part of a team, you should keep track of the percentage of the work accomplished by you and specify your contributions to the successful completion of the project.
  • Mention the areas in which you’ve efficiently managed the operations or saved time in the project and when you’ve taken every measure possible to ensure success.
  • If you think that you deserve raise in the salary for your work, decide on the salary you would like to get or specify the rate increase and calculate what percentage increase you will need, to get to that specific number.

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