Hourly Employee Evaluation

An hourly employee evaluation is an assessment which is aimed at extracting the opinions of an hourly employee, regarding his or her job. Since only one who is knowledgeable about the working conditions of hourly employees should proffer opinions, such an assessment, which uses the views of the employees themselves, is extremely useful and critical. The results found from the hourly employee evaluation must be used to make improvements and necessary changes.

Sample Hourly Employee Evaluation:

Name of hourly employee: Dave Jones

Firm: Blogosphere.Com

Nature of job: Content Writing on hourly basis

1. Does your job offer you the liberty to add your own creative inputs and insights in your articles?

(a) Yes, my job allows me to express my opinions in my articles

(b) No, I have to follow a strict template and cannot experiment

2. Are you satisfied with your payments which are based on an hourly scale?

(a) Yes, I am extremely pleased with my hourly remuneration

(b) No, I think my hourly remuneration is inadequate

3. How many hours of work do you put in, per week?

(a) 21-24 hours

(b) 24-30 hours

(c) More than 30 hours

4. Is this your only job or is this a temporary/part time job? Does it give you adequate opportunities for growth as a writer?

(a) Yes, my job allows me chances of improving my writing, learning about different issues and generally profit intellectually.

(b) No, this is a temporary or part time job and it does not accord any opportunities of professional growth.

5. How much would you rate your hourly employment on a scale of ten?

(a) 0-4

(b) 4-8

(c) 8-10

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