Hotel Employee Evaluation

Hotel employee evaluation is an assessment layout that analyzes the efficiency of an employee working in a hotel. Such an employee not only needs to know his job prospects well but should also be very much hospitable towards each and every client and the evaluation report should effectively bring out his nature and the areas where he needs to improve.

Sample Hotel Employee Evaluation

Jeremy Adams

37 years

Head Chef

Hotel Kingsford

Evaluation commissioned by: U.S Centre for Supervision of Hospitality Services

Date of Evaluation: 17th August, 2011

Purpose: It is to evaluate that every employee does his necessary part of the job in keeping up not only with the appetite and lodging expectations of the clients but also providing them with a healthy and happy service in this hotel.

Kindly help us in the evaluation by marking the correct options.

1. Do you regard your customers with utmost honour and ensure them ultimate comfort?

a)   Definitely, always so.

b)   Yes, we try to.

c)   We just do business with them.

2. How good is the food here?

a)   Absolute heavenly.

b)   It’s of a standard quality.

3. Do you take care of the cleanliness factor while preparing food?

a)   Obviously.

b)   I don’t much have an idea of that but I guess it’s fine.

c)   We are just concerned about the taste of food.

4. Is customer security a part of your agenda?

a)   It is our prime concern.

b)   Partially.

c)   Definitely not, they are just clients.

5.  Are the rates reasonable here?

a)   Yes they are the most reasonable in town.

b)   Somewhat reasonable.

c)   No they are quite high.

6. Are the services available 24×7?

a)   Definitely.

b)   Possibly.

c)   No, we have definite business hours.

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