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A home security evaluation is an inspection to figure out an idea about the toughness of security system of every house in a particular area. Every locality must have such an evaluation in their area to check the security level of every home .Most basic and important protections i.e fire security, anti-theft security etc. must be check very carefully while judging the reliability of a home’s security. Thus, a home security evaluation must be created with utmost care to ensure adequate safety for every house.

Sample Home Security Evaluation

Home Security Evaluation Form

Bronx Municipality

Please fill the following details (* marked are mandatory)

*Home no.-2a/45

*Residential address- 224 park avenue, south new York, New York 100003

*Home owner’s name- Brendon Martin

*Occupation- Business.

Mobile no.-9000088888

*Date of evaluation-30th may, 2012

Please answer all the questions given below so that the safety of your house could be properly checked:

1. Do you have an electronic home security system installed in your house?

  • If yes, do you check whether it’s working properly or not in certain period of months?

a. Yes, I check its conditions periodically.

b. No.

No, I don’t have an electronic home security system.

2. Do you have a CCTV cam installed in your residence?

  • Definitely, I have installed a CCTV cam.
  • Not yet.

3. Do you have a good quality Fire alarm installed in your home?

  • Obviously, I have a good quality Fire alarm in my house to ensuring fire security of my home.
  • I am yet to install one.

4. Do you lock up your home even if you go out only for a short time?

  • Certainly, I do this whenever I go out.
  • No, I lock up my house only if it’s not occupied by anyone for atleast 1 hour.

5. Are the street lights of your locality all working properly?

  • Yes, they are functioning properly
  • May be, I am not sure.
  • No, many of them are faulty.

6. Do you have any night guard working in your locality recruited by the municipality?

  • Yes.
  • No.

7. Has such a survey been conducted before in your locality?

  • Sure, home security has been evaluated before also in this area.
  • This is the first time we had such an evaluation.

8. Overall on a scale of 10, rate your home security?

  • 8-10
  • 5-8
  • 0-5

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