Home-school Evaluation

The home-school evaluation is a method through which the student is assessed based on his or her performance while being tutored at home. The evaluation takes into account all the academic activities and performances of the student as well as the methods and strategies adopted by the home tutor. The home school evaluation is an important process through which the student’s progress is measured.

Sample Home School Evaluation:

Evaluation of Educational Progress:-

Name of Student: Mark Peterson

Name of Home Tutor: Mr. Jacob Riley

Grade of Student: 6th Grade

Evaluation of Student:

• Mr. and Mrs. Peterson have kept a daily account of all the academic activities of Mark Peterson.

• Mr. Jacob Riley has been tutoring Mark Peterson on all subjects that adhere to the Section 1327 and Section 1327.1 under the school code.

• The subjects that have been covered by Mr. Jacob Riley are: Mathematics, Social Science, English, Health, Science, Music, Art, Economics and Physical Education.

The following questions are necessary to be addressed:

1. How regular is the student with his home assignments?

• Very regular

• Regular

• Irregular

2. Does the student adhere to the guidelines set up by the tutor?

• Yes, just perfectly

• No

3. Are all the subjects covered as mentioned in the school code?

• Yes with careful precision.

• Not sure

4. Has the student shown overall academic growth and development?

• Satisfactorily

• Not satisfactorily

5. What are the areas that require improvement?

• Science

• Arts

• Mathematics

6. Home Supervisor’s Comments: _______________________

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