Home Safety Evaluation

The home safety evaluation procedure is a necessary step to ensure that all safety standards are being met at home. The evaluation consists of a thorough checking of all portions of the household including emergency provisions made in the house. Such an evaluation also ensures that the overall infrastructure is safe to inhabit. This process is important and effective to maintain overall safety of the inhabitants of the house.

Sample Home Safety Evaluation:

Name of Home Owners: Mr. and Mrs. Hall

Address: 21A, Lakers Street, New York

Home Safety Evaluation by: Safe Homes Pvt. Ltd

Date of Evaluation: 9/10/2011

Number of family members: 3

Family overview: Mr. and Mrs. Hall have their own bakery and their child, Kelly Hall is a toddler of 2 years.

Home Safety Evaluation:

• There are 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, one bathroom and one guestroom.

• There is also a living room and a storage room.

• The house has two floors and one stair case leading upwards and another leading to the storage room in the basement.

The following questions have been put forth for the evaluation:

1. Has all the safety measures been met according to the Safety Penal code?

• Yes: all

• No: none

• Incomplete: some

2. Are all the emergency provisions (fire exits, smoke detectors etc) properly installed?

• Adequately

• Improper Installation

3. Have all the structures in the household met the safety housing standards?

• Of course

• Not sure

4. Are the emergency exits accessible?

• Yes: all

• No: none

• Incomplete

5. Has there been child safety locks installed?

• Yes in all the required places

• No

• Yet to be installed


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