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Everyone possesses a desire to buy his/her dream home at a lovely place. It is a huge investment to be done to buy a home. Thus, home price evaluation is an assessment to estimate the price of a home by examining its’ position, condition, benefits before purchasing by the buyer. It is extremely important to evaluate the price of a home properly to buy right home at right price.

Sample Home Price Evaluation

Home Price Evaluation Form

Bestbuy Private limited

Please fill in the following details ( * marked are mandatory)

Home no.-2a/45

Buyer’s name- John Smith

Correspondence address- 224 park avenue, Bronx, New York-11 4f 69

Mobile No.-9000088888

Email id- john@rediff.com

Date of evaluation- 23rd may, 2012

Please read the following questions carefully and answer by choosing from options given:

  • Have you compared the price of home to recently sold properties near that house?
  1. Certainly, I have compared it properly.
  2. No, I have not done that yet.
  • Have you reviewed particulars of the property e.g. its position, condition, net square feet area of construction, living room, dining room, bathroom etc. perfectly?
  1. Of course, I have reviewed the property thoroughly.
  2. No, I have not done that.
  • Have you searched online for price of similar property at similar place?
  1. Definitely, I have done it.
  2. No.

If yes, is that estimated price of similar property closely matches the offered price?

  1. Yes, they are nearly the same.
  2. No, there is a huge difference.
  • Do you have any idea about price per square foot of a property at the area of the property?
  1. Yes, I have a clear idea about price per square foot of properties at that area.
  2. No.
  • Have you consulted with any real estate agent or market analyst to know the estimated price of the home you want to buy?
  1. Yes.
  2. No.

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