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A home health evaluation is a document that assesses and accounts for the health conditions as prevalent in domestic surroundings, in a specific home or may be certain families, etc. A home is a place where ultimate cleanliness can be maintained and health habits can be nurtured effectively; hence, the evaluation of home health and reporting the flaws can actually help a lot in maintaining a healthy standard of living. This type of an evaluation should thus be prepared very carefully, outlining all vital points of health care at home.

Sample Home Health Evaluation:

Evaluation done for the home of: Richard Martin [owner and head of the family]

Address: 76 – G/II, Mayan Avenue, London

Contact number: 00 44 – 20 – 56739127

Number of members in the family: Four (4)

Family Overview:

Mr. Richard Martin, the head of the family, is an entrepreneur while his wife Mrs. Kelly Martin is a bank manager. They have two children – Sam (15) is in high school and Fredrick (21) is pursuing his Masters at Birmingham University.

Evaluation of home:

  • The house is a duplex flat having adequate rooms to serve required purposes effectively. The flat is located in the Rose Valley real estate, a complex surrounded with enough greenery.
  • The flat has been found to be spacious, airy and lets in enough sunlight.
  • There are three well-spaced bathrooms having proper drainage facilities.

The following questions are required to be answered by Mr. Richard Martin:

1. How frequently do your family members fall ill?

  • It is very much frequent
  • Average
  • Not at all

[Kindly provide required details]

2. Do you make sure to clean your home regularly and keep it hygienic?

  • Definitely
  • Sometimes
  • Very rarely

3. Do you spray pesticides, disinfectants, etc.?

  • Yes, at regular intervals
  • At certain times
  • No we don’t

4. What are the precautionary health care measures you normally take for the health of home and its residents?


5. Name of family doctor: __________________________________________

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