Home Evaluation Report

A home evaluation report is a document prepared for representing the outcome of a home evaluation process. The evaluation is conducted considering a number of factors, but the proper representation of the outcome, in the form of an evaluation report, is equally important; and that is why this type of a report needs to be prepared very carefully. The basis or type of evaluation may vary from one home to that of another, but the basic format of the evaluation report remains unchanged, and it should be followed to ensure uniformity.

Sample Home Evaluation Report:

Name of the owner: Mark Joseph Anthony

Age: 34 years

Profession: Civil Engineer

Address of the home: 9/IIB, Lake View Housing Apartment, London

Contact number: 00 3 – 423 – 91827728

Email id: markjoseph_666@gmail.com

Evaluation conducted on: 15th September, 2011

Evaluation commissioned by: U.S Housing Board

Purpose: The basic objective of the home evaluation was to have a detailed outlook of the particular home and the lifestyle there. There has been a word that it will be given on rent, and hence it is necessary to analyze the various aspects of the home beforehand.

Tools implemented:

  • A thorough research was conducted of the entire home
  • The area, structure, materials used and other details were analyzed by experts in the respective fields
  • The rooms were carefully noticed and the drainage facilities were analyzed
  • Safety and security systems were evaluated, e.g. fire extinguishers, locks, etc.
  • The home and the surrounding landscape, such as gardens, parks, and swimming pools were also seen and evaluated accordingly.
  • Electricity, water supply and such other facilities were examined carefully and have been reported for.

Area covered: 1500 sq feet

Total cost: $6755000

Estimated date for renting out the flat: 16th November, 2011

Monthly rents: $4500


The home is currently in a favourable condition, based on which proper decisions can be taken by concerned parties. However, certain areas need slight improvements, the status of which has been provided in the document attached along with the report.

Home evaluation report framed by: George Rogers



Date: 19th September, 2011                                                                                Place: London

Category: Home Evaluation

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