Home Energy Evaluation

A home energy evaluation clearly refers to a document that analyzes the forms of energy that are in use in a particular household and the respective impact of the energy source and the form of use. The evaluation is an important assessment technique now-a-days to gauge the exact quantity or amount of energy used, considering the shortage of energy resources these days. The evaluation is to be conducted very carefully, outlining every possible home energy utilization details and the corresponding consequences.

Sample Home Energy Evaluation:

Home of: Mr. Jacob Robinson

Address: 16A/2, Kelvinson Apartments, New York

Contact number: 00 1 – 213 – 82718281

Email id: jacob22@yahoo.co.in

Number of family members: Three (3) – Jacob Robinson (32), Emily Robinson [wife] (28) and Henry Robinson [son] (8)

The energy evaluation is being conducted by the U.S Energy Control Department. Mr. Jacob Robinson is requested to kindly fill in the exact details:

1. Give details of the exact number of lights, fans, electrical and electronic equipments and other energy tools used in your home:


2. How frequently do you use these energy sources?

  • We use it for a major portion of the day
  • We use them just when required
  • We try to keep it minimum

3. Do you check the electrical outlets and other such spaces to ensure that there aren’t any air leaks?

  • Yes, we do it at regular intervals
  • We do inspect them at times
  • No, we haven’t done any such thing so far

4. Do you use eco-friendly and energy-saving equipments?

  • Definitely [give examples such as solar cookers, etc., if applicable]
  • Sometimes we do [give details]
  • No, we don’t

5. Do you think your way of using energy is correct?

  • [Yes/No]

Justify your answer__________________________________________________

6. What are the areas you think you need to/ can improve, regarding energy utilization at home?

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