Home Energy Efficiency Evaluation

Home energy efficiency evaluation is an assessment to rate the energy efficiency of a house. Energy conservation is a smart way to save money and reduce pollution. Moreover, energy efficient homes reduce utility bills drastically. A house can be made more energy efficient by saving electricity, fuel energy etc. in proper scientific ways. So, a home energy evaluation must be conducted with utmost care to save energy and save the planet broadly.

Sample Home Energy Efficiency Evaluation

Home Energy Efficiency Evaluation

PlanetGreen Private Limited

Please fill the following details (* marked are mandatory)

*Home no.-4b/67

*Residential address- 228 Royal drive, Slagsvilla,  Lancashire, 1s11 2b5, United Kingdom

*Home owner’s name- Steven Martin

*Mobile no- 9000088888

*Date of evaluation- 28th may, 2012

Please answer all the questions given below so that the energy efficiency of your home could be rated correctly:

1.   Are all the electronic appliances of your home ‘Energy Star’ qualified?

  • Definitely, all of the electronic appliances are ‘Energy Star’ qualified.
  • Some of them are ‘Energy Star’ qualified.
  • None of the appliances are ‘energy star’ rated.

2.   Have you replaced all the incandescent bulbs of your home with energy efficient CFLs?

  • Of course, all the lights of my home are CFLs.
  • No, some of them are still incandescent bulbs

3.  Do you switch off lights and other home appliances when they are not in use?

  • Yes, I am always very careful about this.
  • No, not all the time.

4.  Do you clean or replace your A.C filter every 1-2 months?

  • Certainly, I always replace or clean the A.C filter every 1-2 months.
  • No, not so frequently.

5.  What types of cooker do you use? (you can tick more than one if applicable)

  • Microwave oven
  • Gas oven
  • Solar cooker
  • Other.

6.   Do you keep the pan closed while cooking?

  • Yes, I do it whenever possible.
  • Rarely.

7.  During spring and summer months, do you line dry your clothes instead of using ‘Clothes dryer’?

  • Surely.
  • No, I always use ‘Clothes Dryer’.

8.  Do you have such a survey been conducted before?

  • Yes, home energy efficiency has been rated before here.
  • No. it’s the first such survey.

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