Home Education Evaluation

Home education evaluation is a process through which a home tutored student is assessed. The student is educated according to the given standard of academic criteria and judged accordingly. The performance of both the student and the tutor is measured and this evaluation ensures that the student is being given the required educational guidance that is required.

Sample Home Education Evaluation:

Evaluation of Educational Progress for the year 2010-11:-

Name of Student: Randy Jones

Home Education Supervisor: Mr. Matt Jones

Grade of Student: 7th Grade

Education Evaluation of Randy Jones:

• Randy Jones has been home educated for the past 4 years.

• Mr. Matt Jones, Randy’s father, has acted as the home education supervisor and is a qualified part-time lecturer at the University of Michigan.

• An educational log has been maintained that details Randy Jones’ progress.

The evaluation of the student must also conform to the following question:

1. Has Randy Jones (student) been attentive in following the weekly lesson plans?

• Highly attentive

• Attentive

• Not attentive

2. How often have academic assessments taken place?

• More than twice a week

• Once a week

• No such regular pattern followed

3. Has Mr. Matt Jones supervised all the guidelines mentioned in the school penal code of Randy Jones?

• Of course

• May be not sure

4. Has Randy Jones attempted all the academic standardized exams?

• Yes

• No

• Some

5. Did Randy Jones shown any improvement since the last exam taken?

• Remarkable Improvement

• Moderate Improvement

• No improvement at all


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