Home Assessment Evaluation

‘Home is where the heart is’. Hence, it is extremely important to choose the right home for one’s dwelling or rather make the right house one’s home. Home assessment evaluation is one tool that helps people in that endeavor. It allows one to review the various aspects of one’s home thereby, suggesting one ways to improve the quality of one’s home.

Sample Home Assessment Evaluation

Home assessment Evaluation

Conducted by: Cozystay Housing Association

Name of the owner: Amy Fowler

Address: 26/1, Private Drive, Little Whining Street, London.

Lease tenure: 10 years.

License no. – B4561

Type of home: House / Mansion / Flat / Farm House/ Single Story/ Multi-story [Please tick]

Residence period: March 17, 2008 – present.

  • Entry
  1. Is there a huge entry gate separating the main entrance from the house entry door? Yes/ No.
  2. Is the main door of your home preceded by stairs? Yes/ No.
  3. Is there a ramp before your entry door for the benefit of physically challenged people? Yes/ No.
  4. Does the entry door follow the security protocol of the area? Yes/ No.
  5. Is the pathway to the main entrance well lit? Yes/ No.
  6. Are the locks and handles of the door well equipped to prevent intruders? Yes/ No.
  7. Is there a peephole in the entry door? Yes/ No.
  • Living Room
  1. Is the living room furnished adequately to host guests? Yes/ No.
  2. Do you have a television set in your living room? Yes/ No.
  3. Is the room spacious enough to serve as a hall during special occasions? Yes/ No.
  4. Is the room airy and well ventilated? Yes/ No.
  5. Are the electrical connections well earthed? Yes/ No.
  • Bedroom
  1. Does the room have enough circulation space? Yes/ No.
  2. Are the beds arranged in a comfortable height? Yes/ No.
  3. Is the room designed in a way that it respects the privacy of the dwellers? Yes/ No.
  4. Do you have closets and wardrobes in the room? Yes/ No.
  • Kitchen
  1. Is it spacious enough to allow the dwellers to maneuver around freely? Yes/ No.
  2. Do you have a chimney in your kitchen? Yes/ No.
  3. Are the gas pipes secure enough to prevent accidents? Yes/ No
  4. Are the shelves arranged in a way that they are accessible to the regular users? Yes/ No.
  • Bathroom
  1. Is it well lit and spacious? Yes/ No
  2. Are the water pipes well plumbed? Yes/No.
  3. Do you have a 24 hour water supply system? Yes/ No.

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