Hockey Player Evaluation Form

Hockey player evaluation form is a layout which outlines the details of a hockey player and his or her competency in the particular sport. This kind of a document helps to understand the exact needs of a player by which his or her performance could be improved.

Sample Hockey Player Evaluation Form

Name of the hockey player ______________________

Age ______________

Gender ___________

Hockey player is associated with the organization/club ________________

Address ______________________

Objective of the evaluation _____________________

Date of conducting the evaluation ____________________

Please mark all the questions carefully in order to carry out an effective evaluation process. To be filled by the coach/trainer of the particular hockey player.

1. How long the individual is associated with hockey sport?

a. More than two years

b. Less than two years

2. How many competitive matches have been played by the concern player? Please specify with details about those matches.


3. Evaluating individual hockey skills is important for a trainer to determine the actual competency and strength of the player. Therefore rate the following skills on a scale of 10.

• Skating _____________

• Lateral shuffles and T-push for goalies _____________

• Various other skills like passing, shooting and pass control (both in stationary and movement state) _____________

4. Do you think the player has the capability to grab the hockey techniques faster than his or her other contemporaries?

• Certainly, that is why he or she is having a competitive edge over others.

• No I don’t think so.

5. Being a trainer/coach, rate the individual as an overall hockey player (on a scale of 5) _________

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