Healthcare Employee Evaluation

A healthcare employee evaluation is an exercise in assessment whose purpose is to collect opinions and feedback from health care employees and thus form a consistent and cogent outline of their working experience, work conditions and general satisfaction. Such an evaluation is helpful in obtaining data which is bound to be accurate and from the correct sources. It also gives healthcare employees an opportunity to voice their grievances.

Sample Healthcare Employee Evaluation:

Name of healthcare employee: Matthew Kearny

Nature of job: Chief Nurse [Gynecology]

Healthcare firm in which the employee is employed: Super Hospital, New York

  1. Are you satisfied with the overall work atmosphere in the healthcare firm to which you are attached?

(a)Yes, I am satisfied

(b)No, I am not satisfied

  1. Which one of these, according to you, is the biggest source of dissatisfaction for you?

(a)Strenuous working hours.

(b)Low wages

(c) Unprofessional work atmosphere

(d)Lack of cooperation of other workers

  1. Is your immediate supervisor considerate of your needs and aspirations?

(a)No, my immediate supervisor is not aware of our work limitations

(b)Yes, my immediate supervisor is sympathetic to our work problems.

  1. Is your healthcare firm aware of the ideals which every healthcare firm should aspire towards in servicing such a vast cross-section of society?

(a)Yes, we are aware of our duties towards people.

(b)No, we cannot spare a thought for everyone in the competitive world of top quality healthcare.

  1. How would you rate your satisfaction with you healthcare job on a scale of ten?



(c) 8-10

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