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Health evaluation is a procedure adopted by various agencies like hospitals, nursing homes, offices and even schools and colleges in order to assess the health of individuals. Health evaluations address every aspect of a person’s health and well being, including lifestyle checks. Periodically done, they are a great way to identify health problems plaguing us, and conducting remedial measures. Health evaluations can be conducted by the following agencies:

Hospitals and nursing homes: This is the most obvious instance of health evaluation. The routine tests and checks that a hospital performs on a patient are a kind of health evaluation.

Schools and colleges: Often health evaluations on a smaller scale are conducted across schools and colleges in order to promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as identify the key areas of concern which affect the health of a certain age group. They are also instrumental in creating awareness.

Professional agencies like offices, the army, sports institutions etc.: The health evaluations conducted by these agencies are specific to the demands of the job. For example, the army of any country has certain stringent rules about the health and fitness levels of its trainees.

Non Governmental Organizations or NGOs: Some NGOs offer free health checkups to underprivileged or malnourished groups, especially children, in a humanitarian effort to redress their grievances and help them in leading a better and more wholesome life.

A health evaluation must be contingent on certain factors like:


Medical history


Consumption patterns

Recent illnesses

Health insurance etc.

These factors determine the thrust of a health evaluation and are integral questions that need to be asked for a proper and comprehensive evaluation of a subject’s health and fitness. Health evaluations are extremely important as they keep a tab on current one’s health status while preparing oneself for future crises.

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