Health Strategy Evaluation

Health strategy evaluation is an assessment tool through which different strategies concerning the health of individuals or the community at large is examined. The evaluation takes into account the specific strategy undertaken and the reason for doing so. The main aim is to see whether this strategy has successfully been implemented and is causing the impact that was originally hoped for. This can be done for various institutions starting from hospitals to business enterprises. The evaluation is based on the data collected through surveys and medical reports.

This could be a general strategy implemented on employees and patients or a specific one targeting a particular health issue. The objective is to understand the reasoning behind the strategy and also state improvements and changes that can be made in order to create a bigger impact. This evaluation also underlines the risks and hazards involved, if any, for the given circumstance.

Sample Health Strategy Evaluation

Company Name: TYLER REG Ltd

Evaluation done by: Geoffrey Priestley, Health & Us Co.

Date: 3.2.2011

Evaluation done for:

The company has introduced a new strategic policy wherein the employees have been refrained from smoking within the company buildings and the connected property.

Health Strategy Introduced on:  13.4.2010

Precautions Taken:

  • No Smoking signs inserted in every floor of the building and outside within company property.
  • Increase in security and fire alarms to prevent such an action.
  • A fine of $200 imposed on anyone found smoking.

Impact of the No Smoking Strategy:

  • Considerable decrease in smoking found among employees within and outside the company.
  • 2 employees have been caught breaching this health code.
  • Employees have reported higher productivity within the work space in a survey conducted 6 months after this code was implemented.
  • Certain concerns have been raised as to the lack of stress busters within the working space that may affect employees in the long term.

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