Health Service Evaluation

Health service evaluation is a documentary report drawn from the assessment of the health services and practices of a health institution. It emphasizes those aspects of the health services that are particularly relevant to the well being of an individual. Thus the items incorporated in the questionnaire have to be direct and clear cut and cover all health domains.

Sample Health Service Evaluation

Name of the health organization: North Avenue Nursing Home

Address: 7, North Avenue, New City, US

Number of doctors: 50

Operational days: Monday to Saturday (Emergency ward open on all days)

Purpose of the evaluation: This evaluation is an attempt to examine the working of the health officials employed in the organization and locating the areas requiring immediate improvement for bettering the health services disseminated from the various wards.

Please indicate the answer that seems correct to you by putting a tick mark against the right option.  Follow the same rule for all the questions except where you have been asked to give your opinion in words.

1. Do you find the doctors in their respective chambers at the visit time prescribed to you?

a. Not always

b. Most of the time

2. How would you describe the quality of the medicines furnished by them?

3. How would you rate the emergency services and the way emergency cases are dealt with out of 10?

4. Are you satisfied with the treatments provided by the medical staff?

a. Yes

b. No

c. To a certain extent

5. What according to you should be changed about the medical services?

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