Health Policy Evaluation

A health policy is inevitable to live a peaceful life without tension and various uncertainties. However, it is extremely important to check all the criteria of a health policy one is going to buy in order to make sure that the right policy is chosen that perfectly meets the buyer’s needs. A health policy evaluation is an exercise to assess all criteria of a particular health policy in a proper way.

Sample Health Policy Evaluation

Health Policy Evaluation Form

Helping Hand Consultants Private Limited

Please fill the following details about yourself ( * marked are mandatory)

*Name of the buyer -John Smith

*Mobile no. 9000088888

Email id-

*Date of evaluation- 25th may, 2012.

Please read the following questions carefully and answer by ticking yes or no so that the quality of your health policy could be properly evaluated.

  • Diseases’ coverage
  1. Does your health policy cover all the pre-existing diseases (all medical conditions and illnesses that already exist when one buys the policy)? Yes/No.
  2. Does your health insurance cover all the critical illnesses and diseases that you need to be covered? Yes/No.
  3. Does your policy cover all medical expenditures related to maternity or pregnancy? Yes/No.
  • Other service benefits
  1. Does your policy give you the benefit of ambulance charges coverage? Yes/No.

If Yes

  1. Does it come with a capping for the maximum amount payable for ambulance charges? Yes/No.
  1. Does your health policy give you the benefit of room rent coverage of during the period of hospitalization? Yes/No

If Yes

  1. Does it have a cap attached for maximum amount payable for room rent charges? Yes/No.
  1. Most of the health policies have an age limit till which one can renew his/her health cover that is called Renew up to Age. What is the Renew up to age for your policy? Is it lifetime? Yes/No.

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