Health Literacy Evaluation

A health literacy evaluation is an assessment to check one’s knowledge about health issues like common diseases, options and treatments available to a patient for some particular disease, proper way to buy medicines etc. It is extremely important for every individual to become literate with basic knowledge of health issues in order to secure himself from any kind of diseases and wrong treatments. Thus, a health literacy evaluation must be conducted with utmost care and efficiency to develop awareness in health issues among common people.

Sample Health Literacy Evaluation

Health Literacy Evaluation

Live Healthy Private Limited

Please fill the following details about yourself ( * marked are mandatory)

*Name of the consumer: Steve Lauren.

*Mobile no.- 9000088888.

Email id-

*Date of Evaluation: 25th may, 2012.

Please read the following questions carefully and answer by choosing from options given:

  • Do you ask questions to your doctor and discuss issues related to the health problem/s you face?
  1. Of course, I always ask queries about my health problems to doctor.
  2. No, I feel uneasy to ask questions to doctor.
  • Do you research from available sources to know more about the health problems you or your loved ones is facing?
  1. Yes, I try my best to learn more about reasons of those health problems that is affecting me or my family members and try to find its prescribed remedies as well.
  2. No, I have never tried this myself.
  • Do you discuss with friends or join health discussions at online communities to learn more about health consciousness?
  1. Certainly, I am always interested to do so.
  2. No, I have not done this.
  • Do you read journals related to health issues or watch health and lifestyle television channels regularly?
  1. Yes, I regularly do this.
  2. No, I am not a regular reader of articles or viewer of TV programs related to health issues.

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