Health Hazard Evaluation

A health hazard evaluation is basically a report prepared after complete analysis of the possible hazards in a particular job, especially the on-field ones. Such an evaluation document should also contain necessary information regarding prevention of the possible dangers and the protective measures to be taken, as well as an overview of the provision of care and concern once these health hazards and accidents have occurred.

Sample Health Hazard Evaluation:

Name of the company: Panama Constructions Pvt. Ltd

Address: 98/H, Ford Avenue, Houston

Contact details: 00 1 – 713 – 83762862 [office telephone] [website address]

Date of evaluation: 27th May, 2011

Purpose of evaluation:

The Panama Constructions Pvt. Ltd is a renowned name in the construction industry and has been in business for the last 15 years. This evaluation is being conducted as a routine procedure of this company, to ensure employees their maximum share of a safe job and thus maintain its goodwill in the market. There are a number of health hazards involved in this business and it is for this reason that the evaluation is being solicited to identify the various possibilities of health related hazards, know them better, and thus devise efficient tools to combat them to the highest possible extent, by adopting proper, easy, and rapid safety measures.

Evaluation procedure:

The company chief is requested to kindly fill in the details and tick the correct options to help this evaluation:

1. Does this job actually involve health hazards?

  • Yes [specify the details elaborately]
  • Some parts of the job are hazardous to health [mention them]
  • Not at all

2. Are all your employees aware of the possibility of health hazards?

  • Definitely
  • We inform some of them, if so required.
  • No, that’s not important

3. Does your company possess enough equipment to fight against the health hazards?

  • Yes it does
  • We have some of the amenities
  • No, we don’t but will surely arrange soon

4. Are seminars and other such programmes conducted to make people aware of the health hazards and corresponding precautionary measures?

  • Yes, at regular intervals
  • Sometimes we do tell them of certain health hazards
  • No we don’t conduct such meetings

5. How much would you rate your company’s health hazard combating capacity?

1 – Very poor

2 – Fair

3 – Satisfactory

4 – Good

5 – Outstanding

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