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Health evaluation reports are created by various health institutions for the purpose of collecting information regarding an individual’s health. Generally the report contains assessment of the individual in various aspects starting from family medical history to current health ailments. This can be a general report after a routine check up or a particular and specialized report covering certain health aspects of the individual.

This is done periodically and contains information regarding lifestyle habits as well. This helps in assessing the required remedies that will be the best for the ailments faced. This report is useful not just for nursing homes and hospitals but also for educational and commercial institutions where students and employees are examined. This report is generated for the purpose of encouraging healthy living and also guiding the individuals to a healthier way of life. This report is a basic formality and must be constructed professionally ensuring that all health bases are covered.

Sample Health Evaluation Report

Employee Name: James Baron

Company Name: Wills and Grace Manufactures Ltd.

Designation of Employee: Senior Sales Manager

Evaluation Conducted by: John Bucks, WE CARE Co. Ltd.

The health evaluation report is a standard procedure conducted for company health insurance purposes and is done annually for all employees concerned.

Medical History of Employee:

  • Maternal side of the family has suffered from Type B Diabetes.
  • Male pattern baldness and liver sclerosis is a concern and inherited from the paternal side.
  • During birth, the patient has undergone slight trauma towards the head causing minor skull bone fracture.

Current Lifestyle:

  • Does not smoke.
  • Abstains from alcohol (not a social drinker).
  • Jogging every morning.
  • Under Diabetes medication and does regular check ups.

Health Ailments:

  • Has Type B Diabetes

Medications/ treatments:

  • SY 123 Corson for diabetes.
  • Has undergone physiotherapy for knee injury from 21.3.2010 to 20.4.2010.

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