Health Evaluation Format

Health evaluation format is a document enabling a health analyst to make his report on health evaluation. It is documented to get an insight of the existing health conditions and develop suitable techniques and procedures to deal with the health factors.

Sample Health Evaluation Format

Health valuation commissioned by: ________________________________________

Health evaluation conducted by the core team formed by: ______________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph must specify which segment of the society and the nature of health, whether psychological or physical, is being taken into account while forming the report. The name of the organization conducting the evaluation must be specified too. It must be explicitly noted that whether the people whose health has been evaluated are exposed to the changes and advancement in the biomedical field.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph must indicate the factors governing the health conditions of the population. As socioeconomic and cultural factors play a pivotal role in shaping and mediating ones beliefs about health, illness and health care, these factors must be identified. The medical scenario must be calculated in order to gain a complete understanding of the level of awareness and the degree of health preventive actions taken by the people. It must also indicate the class of the services provided by the hospitals and the level of technological progress by global standards.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph must draw a concluding report about the evaluation. It must indicate the areas in which experts, doctors and physicians must focus to meliorate the health conditions of the general population and bring changes in the underlying health habits.

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