Health Education Evaluation

A health education program is one which educates and inculcates in people, good habits which can boost one’s health and contribute to one’s wellbeing in a constructive manner. Evaluation of such health education courses must look at the various contributing factors in order to make a clear and unbiased judgment. Such evaluations must take the opinions of the students into consideration. They are often in the form of questionnaires.

Sample Health Education Evaluation:

Name of health education course: Sex Education course designed for school children

Age group targeted: 13 to 17 years

Nature of health education evaluation: this health education evaluation aims at understanding the impact of this course on the young minds that are its chief audience. The importance of a sexual education course cannot be overemphasized.

1. Do you think the course addresses the issue of teenage sexuality in a firm yet delicate manner?

(a) Yes it does

(b) No it does not

2. What do you consider to be the strength of this heath education program?

(a) It addresses all the important issues in a sensitive manner without adding salacious details that will cause stigma and embarrassment.

(b) It makes an important contribution in removing confusion about sexuality that adolescents face.

3. How would you rate this health education course on a scale of 10?

4. Mention some ways in which this course can be made more informative and educational?

5. Is this course a suitable way to introduce adolescents to the concept of sexuality? Or should they be given further aids?

(a) This course is enough.

(b) More aids in the form of pamphlets and brochures can be added.

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