Health Economic Evaluation

Health economic evaluation is exercised for evaluating the present condition of the health care system. A health economic evaluation survey is conducted by the government or any NGOs to rate the quality of health care of a particular health care organization through examining the effectiveness, efficiency etc. of service provided by them. Hence, a health care evaluation is extremely important to make a detailed report on condition of health economy and it has to be prepared with utmost care and efficiency.

Sample Health economic Evaluation

Health Economic Evaluation form

Bronx Municipality, New York.

Name of the organization: Albany medical hospital

Manager’s name: Steven Anderson.

Address: 224 park avenue, Bronx, New York-11 0b 39.

Date of evaluation: 25th June, 2012.

Please read the following questions carefully and answer by choosing from options given to evaluate the conditions and service of your organization:

  • Does your organization meet all the current demands of the health care system considering the resources available?
  1. Yes, this organization has all the modern facilities of health care available.
  2. No, some of the current facilities are not available.
  •  Does this organization have adequate number of hospital beds available to meet the need of patients?
  1. Of course, there is absolutely no problem regarding the number of beds to manage the load of patients.
  2. No, there is lack of hospital beds in some departments.
  • Does this organization have adequate number of experienced doctors in each department to provide good quality treatment to every patient?
  1. Certainly, we have sufficient number of good doctors in each department.
  2. No, there is lack of expert doctors in some of the departments.
  • Overall on a scale of 10, rate this organization with regard to the infrastructure, quality of service etc.
  1. 8-10
  2. 6-8
  3. 4-6
  4. Below 4

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